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Author of Radical Love...Forever Changed. Christian Speaker and Bible teacher. Co-founder of For the Sake of ONE Ministries. That's me! First and foremost, however, I am a disciple of Christ. My experience, as a wife and mother of three boys, ages 28, 23, and 8, and two daughters-in-law, requires me to have a sense of humor and has provided me with a very unique perspective, on living for Christ. My greatest passion is to lead and instruct others, accurately, from the Word of God, so that they can be set free from all deception. What thrills me the most is being face to face, most likely at my kitchen table, over a delicious, freshly brewed, cup of coffee, and seeing the look on a person's face when they "get it." I welcome the chance to teach the principles from the Bible, captured, topic, by topic, in my book, or straight from the Word, itself, at churches, groups, book clubs, conferences and events. My love for the Father’s truth and its transformational power is like oxygen to my soul. My greatest reward is the intimate relationship I have with my Savior.

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