Christmas Wishes


Merry Christmas!

Candace and I want to express our heartfelt thank you to each one of you for how you gave so graciously of yourselves during this last semester of Morning and Evening Edtion.  We have heard numerous stories of how you have contributed to life change.  You are making a difference in the lives of women to you come in contact with and when you invest in their lives.  So Thanks!!!

What a great evening we had together on Tuesday as we took time to eat, chat and talk about the life change that is happenng.  For those of you who were unable to make it to the WM Leadership Christmas Party, we missed you!  We have a small gift for you, so please look in your mailbox here at church.

Thank you to Lisa who made the night extra special, by adding her touch to an already beautiful setting. 

Some dates for you to put on your calendar for January,

Jan 4 – Pre registration for EE and ME begins at the kiosk in the lobby

Jan7 – All EE & ME Leadership meeting – 6:30 in room B100 (old library)

Jan 14 – Evening Edtion begins – Prayer at 6pm, sessions goes 6:30-8:30

Jan 15 – Morning Edition begins – prayer at 8:20 , sessions start at 9am

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Christmas Season as you gather with family and friends.

Christmas Wishes,

Candace and Twyla


Urgent EE News

Hi all,

This weekend, Pastor Wayne will be announcing a new church-wide initiative that effects EE for the winter semester.  Effective January 14, 2009, all evening ministries will be moved on to Wednesday night. 

The rationale for the decision comes out of the 24 home meetings that he conducted through the spring, where he heard families ask the church to help them simplify their lives.  A common concern he heard is that many families are at the church 3-5 times a week!  So, with input from all ministry leaders, the decision has been made to try to move everything on to one night. 

We have some real hopes for this model and we are also aware of some concerns.  We (the staff) have all committed (because of the significance of the rationale) to supporting this decision and trying this model.  All feedback as we try this is welcome!

I wanted you to hear it from me before you hear it from the pulpit.  With a change of schedule, we need to hear confirmation from you as soon as possible about whether you are able to return as a leader at EE.  Could you please contact Lisa as soon as you know, so that we can plan?

We know change can be hard (believe us, we’re feeling it, too!), but we are so committed to moving forward under our senior pastor’s leadership.

Please contact me or Twyla directly if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here to serve. 

With love,

Candace & Twyla.

O Come All Ye Faithful……

As I am slowly getting into the Christmas Spirit, a Christmas Carol that I have sung for probably most of my life has struck a cord with me this year…. ‘O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, o come ye, o come ye to Bethlehem.  Come and behold Him, born the King….’. A question came to my mind while singing this recently, “Am I joyful for the holiday season?’ I love this time of year, but there is so much to do, so many places to go, so many people to please.  After pondering this for a while, I have decided to start today – December 1st, to take time to ‘be joyful and triumphant’ , to ‘behold Him’.  Will you?

EE & ME Updates….

~A huge thank you to all who helped in the preparations for the ‘Legacies’ Christmas Event.  What an inspriring morning!!

~ WM Leadership Christmas Party – Tuesday Dec 16 – 6pm (meet in the Trinity parking lot at 5:45 to car pool) If you have not RSVP’d for our WM Leadership Christmas Party, please do.

~ Pre- registration for the Winter semester will start soon – keep watching this blog for specific details.

“Her” Testimony

Hey there ladies!  I have been reading and re-reading the first few chapters of John lately.  Each time something new jumps out at me.  There is definitely wisdom in going over the same passage of scripture several times, with no agenda other than to be expectant for something new to be revealed.  Doesn’t that make the living word exciting?

John 4, verse 39 begins the wrap up of the story of the Samaritan woman meeting Jesus at the well.  The verse reads, “Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.”  What struck me anew is that many believed because of the woman’s testimony.

People can withhold many things from us, but absolutely NO ONE can take your testimony away from you.  It is yours.  A gift from God.  When we share this gift, others are given a glimpse of God’s glory.  Will many come to believe because of our testimony?  Only God knows!  But I would guess the Samaritan woman wasn’t worried about the results, she was simply bursting with the excitement of her testimony.  I pray that we would all get a fresh wave of excitement for our testimonies.



EE/ME Updates:

~Looking for 12″x12″ squares of material for the Christmas Event.  Material can be dropped off to the office or at EE or ME this week. Material will be written on, so a lighter color or pattern would be great!

~Help is still need for set-up/food prep for our Christmas Event.  We will begin at 10am on Friday the 28th.  If women work, they are welcome to come help Cathy with food prep from 5-7pm that evening.

~This weekend, if you are any of the services, when you hear Pastor Wayne talk about our ‘Tiny Bundles’ project and ask for those involved in that to come forward, please go.  We are looking for a great representation from WM there.

Sustaining Words

On November 8th, the devotional prayer in Beth Moore’s “Praying God’s Word Day by Day” was as follows:

How many weary people do we encounter day after day who could use a sustaining word?

Lord, You look down upon the masses of people on this earth and have compassion on them.  So many are harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (Matt.9:36).

Put Your words in my mouth and cover me with the shadow of Your hand – You who set the heavens in place, who laid the foundations of the earth, and who say to Your children, “You are my people” (Isa.51:16).

Father, help me to encourage others daily, so long as it is called “today”, so that they may not be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness (Heb.3:13).  Send me encouragers when I need them as well.  Your Word clearly teaches that sin’s deceitfulness hardens us. Keep me tender through Your truth.

This week, I returned from my vacation (thanks to all who prayed for me!) on Tuesday to a voice mail from someone saying that the Lord had put me on his heart and he just wanted to encourage me and let me know I was prayed for.  Then, Tuesday evening, one of the women in my Hot Topics group checked in by asking for an update on a prayer request I had shared.  Then, Thursday morning, there was an email encouraging me and I got a very special hug and very specific encouragement from our Irene.

You would think with all that enouragement, I would be busting at the seams!!!!  The truth, in fact, was that each of these encouragements, when they came, contained specific words that I had spoken only to God…and each one felt like a cold drink of water to my thirsty soul.

So, from this, I want to say:

-God hears our prayers

-God uses us to be His messengers (if He’s telling us to encourage someone – do it!!!)…and…

– I pray that God would send each of you a specific encouragement today.  Your role is so critical to this ministry!  If there is some way I can specifically encourage or support you, please let me know.

You are so loved and so appreciated,  Candace

ME/EE Updates:

– Tiny Bundles offerings will be taken each week until the end of the semester.

– Baptism/Membership Q&A will be happening after each service this weekend.  Please check in with the members of your group and encourage any who are considering one of these “next steps” to attend one of them.

– Church cleanup day is tomorrow (Sat) from 9-3!  Would be great to see you there!

– we are still looking for helpers to set up for the Christmas event.  Please contact us if you are interested!

Pay Attention!

This weekend I have the privilege to be a part of a gathering of women from churches across Kelowna to explore our God-given giftings, passions and ideas.  As I was preparing for this I realized that one of the encouragements I want to give women is that by simply paying attention to their surroundings, they will identify areas where they can already be used by God – without having to go looking for “what to do.”

As leaders in Trinity Women’s Ministry I want to encourage you too with the same words… Pay attention to the women around you.  Whether you are serving coffee, greeting, or leading a table – by taking a moment and really looking at the women around you I trust and believe that God will draw your attention to those who may need a more personal touch that day.  An extra kind word, a smile or perhaps a follow up call after EE/ME may be the thing that woman needs this week.



EE / ME Updates:

~Please be sure to check the Prayer page on the blog site – it is updated with prayer requests often.  Also please add a request you may have.  It is a great way to let us know how we can pray for you.

~Lenetta from the Food Bank sends her heartfelt thanks in advance for what we will be able to do. Please remind the women to bring items for Tiny Bundles.  We will collect items over the next 4 weeks.

~We are still looking for women to help with set up and decorating for the Christmas Event – Friday Nov 28, starting at 10 am.

Blessings to you all,


Be strong in the Lord

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For your struggle is not against flesh and blood , but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground… “ Ephesians 6:10

We must pray, beautiful women of God… pray for our precious ladies who come and for those who can’t or won’t come.  Pray for one another without ceasing.

EE & ME Updates….

~Nov 29‘Legacies” Christmas Event 10am – tickets $10 and are on sale starting Nov 8

We need help in setting up, decorating, and kitchen prep on Friday Nov 28 starting at 10am

Sign up sheets will be at EE and ME this week.

~Dec 16 – WM Leaders Christmas Party – An Invitation has been sent out by your directors.  We are looking forward to a great celebration together. Please rsvp to your directors, so we know how many to prepare for.

~Candace is on vacation with her family this week.  Pray for them as they rest and enjoy their time together. Continue Reading »